Necessitates [verb]

Definition of Necessitates:

call for, make necessary

Synonyms of Necessitates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Necessitates:

Sentence/Example of Necessitates:

Then follows his explanation of the "hitch," which necessitates a comparison with the other arts.

It necessitates spending money, therefore a return is looked for.

This necessitates a social and religious center for every rural community.

But this necessitates a pause, for something to be considered.

This necessitates a very close and careful watch on the part of the owners.

This necessitates a long delay, for which I had not reckoned when I left the farm.

The rapid growth also necessitates an abundance of sunlight.

It necessitates the leaving so very much to the discretion of the pioneer.

The only drawback to brass as a window is that it necessitates patience.

To swallow any of these necessitates a forced muscular effort, which is abnormal.