Necessity [noun]

Definition of Necessity:

need, essentiality

Opposite/Antonyms of Necessity:

Sentence/Example of Necessity:

And of necessity, even the noble have their moments of deshabille.

To Kate, for instance, she was a necessity of existence, like light or air.

Whoever rejects it does of necessity fly to anarchy or to despotism.

You think I must of necessity, as matters are circumstanced, be Solmes's wife.

She made a virtue of necessity; and the man was quite another man with her. '

Of the world as it is the outstanding fact is the necessity for struggle.

What is mystery for one age is not of necessity mystery for another.

My land would not grow corn enough, or good enough for my necessity.

But indeed Vavasor could swim, well enough, only he did not see the necessity for it.

What if their necessity of simulating it comes of its absolute necessity!