Neckband [noun]

Definition of Neckband:

neck attire

Synonyms of Neckband:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neckband:


Sentence/Example of Neckband:

He removed Sir Reginald's collar and turned down the neckband.

All Thrusts from the Neckband to the Wastband are counted good.

He took off his collar and turned in the neckband of his shirt.

She eyed it critically, her deft fingers manipulating the neckband.

Then she had her hat to retrim, and a piece of clean lace to sew on her neckband.

Involuntarily his hand went to his neckband, tugged until it was free.

The judge swathed him with one of Mrs. Penniman's aprons, crowding folds of it inside his neckband.

The dividing line between washed and unwashed was one inch above his neckband and two above his wrists.

Denis was sitting in his shirt-sleeves, his collar off and neckband loosened, when Ebenezer Brown entered.

The neckband will need a tape or a ribbon to hold the fullness of the band close to the neck.