Necking [noun]

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As with columns, the joints at base and necking are bedded in sheet lead.

He was interrupted in 'necking' bullets, for they were cast in a mold and left a little protuberance where the run left off.

In architectural usage, the deep groove which separates the necking of the column from the upper drum of the shaft beneath.

Bell: That part of the capital of a column which is between the necking below and the abacus above.

So necking the two to my other two hosses I started for Wyoming, ninety miles away.

To anybody driving past it would merely suggest a necking party, or a drunk sleeping off his load before continuing home.

The reel and bead pattern running along the lower border of the necking represents the lotus stalks.

The mouldings of the shaft are carefully stopped below the necking, and above the base.

The depth of the architrave on its under side should answer to the necking at the top of the column.

Fragment of necking of a column, somewhat similar to the preceding.