Ned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ned:

After all the weary waiting, Ned and I exchanged only a word.

Mrs. Baker and John were with us; Ned was not, but I knew that he would follow.

My only hope of Ned, if he loves me—and God knows whether he does or no!

Milly's at home again; let Ned return to her, if he chooses.

Perhaps Ned wasn't in the building; perhaps—he may have avoided me.

She had been vexed by Ned's admiration for me; and yet—and yet she didn't understand.

I longed to be by myself that I might recall Ned's every look and word.

They were the hands that Ned had kissed, as he had mine; clasped and pressed, as he had—how could he!

At least I shall no longer have to tear my heart out, meeting Ned in her house.

It is his right to know the truth, and—what can Ned say while I'm affianced?