Needlework [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Needlework:

Viviette left Katherine to her needlework, and advanced to meet him.

I have always dreamed of myself as a child learning to do needlework.

Lucy and Emily learned to read, and to do various kinds of needlework.

The girls made a wish that they might become skilled in needlework.

She took up some needlework she had been engaged on, and sat down on a sofa.

He was not so well as he had been in the spring, and lately he had not been able to help his mother with her needlework.

“I am not good at needlework, but I can hem and put on buttons,” she pleaded.

She placed her needlework in her lap and reached over to stroke his head.

My sister Hetty has a beautiful one, all lace and needlework.

Not for nothing was her needlework at the Mission and her innate artistry.