Negated [verb]

Definition of Negated:

contradict, countermand

Opposite/Antonyms of Negated:

Sentence/Example of Negated:

A Prime can be negated, while on the other hand a variant can shift from possible to Logical to Prime.

Logical rules of perspective are negated by rules of juxtaposition.

All her abrupt decision was negated in his profound, ironical urbanity.

Every theist has negated a million Gods save one: the rationalist does but negate the millionth.

Or, in abstract terms, Ulysses has negated the negation and has here suggested the subtle work of the process in doing so.

In one case the State becomes a kind of Nirvana, in the thought of which personality and individuality are negated.

Phrases of an apparent intensity and lyricism are negated by frivolous and tinkling passage-work.

The scowl became a deeper grimace as he negated that reality, step by step, and substituted another.

But in the further development of philosophy idealism became untenable, and is negated by modern materialism.

The suggestion, whatever it may have been, was negated by the speaker on receipt of a warning shake of the head from Joan.