Negatived [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Negatived:

"It is not," negatived Lieut. D'Hubert, in a faint but firm voice.

"It is not," negatived Lieutenant D'Hubert in a faint but resolute voice.

The Legislature had voted it $3000, but the Senate negatived this act.

Chilian had proposed a fire, but Elizabeth had negatived it sharply.

The House agreed with him and negatived the amendment without a division.

Hal had negatived this idea, through fear that they might be left behind.

Everard suggested to the doctor—a plan at once negatived by Vera.

The proposal gave rise to a warm discussion, and was negatived.

As he was backed up by the majority of the crew, the proposal was negatived.

"Got to obey orders," and Charlie negatived it with a shake of the head.