Neglecting [adjective]

Definition of Neglecting:


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Sentence/Example of Neglecting:

What is to be said about neglecting to warn or assist others?

I have been neglecting my work, I fear, and so you were quite right in speaking.

Is neglecting to mature your mind, my boy, exactly the way to win the race?

In neglecting this duty our parents and teachers commit a veritable crime.

"I never mentioned it to any of ye, for I was neglecting her," he went on.

And the danger of neglecting her from this point of view does indeed appear to be awful.

Men have been marooned for neglecting that little precaution.

"That is a duty you will oblige me by neglecting," laughed Andre-Louis, and drove away.

The landlord now appeared on the scene and began to rate Bill for neglecting his work.

He reassured her about neglecting to share the excitement with him.