Neglects [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Neglects:

Caricature, by the way, is a branch of Georgian Art which M. Rouquet neglects.

Another turmoils himself about other men's business and neglects his own.

Every mother who neglects that duty when she can perform it is a criminal.

If he neglects his room it looks barren, and if he ornaments it it looks fussy.

But I must remember that I am to speak not only of the neglects of the black woman, but also of her needs.

The day will come when He will require an account of these neglects of ours—not in the gross.

The least one can do is to be polite to people whom one neglects to pay, deuce take it!

He is worthy of his hire, and woe to the man who neglects or ill-treats him!'

"Whom he neglects and refuses to educate properly," declared the girl.

These neglects are the fruitful source of much discomfort and disorder.