Negligently [adverb]

Definition of Negligently:


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Sentence/Example of Negligently:

“An hour or more,” answered the other negligently, and took a pull at the dark beer.

"With your permission," he said negligently; and drew the girl aside to the angle of the stairway.

"Well, if you like to call her so," returned Doro, negligently.

"Your sister and I have always hit it off," he said negligently.

"The best thing for some of us would be to die at the oar," Captain Whalley said negligently.

"Oh, it is filled with Court gossip," said the reader, negligently.

He laid down the watch on the table, then, negligently, pushed his hat over it.

"It ought to be easy enough in such a city as this," said I, negligently.

"I wanted to please you," dropped Mrs. Travers, negligently.

“There are some dancing girls staying in the house,” I said negligently.