Negotiators [noun]

Definition of Negotiators:

person who bargains, controls discussion

Synonyms of Negotiators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Negotiators:


Sentence/Example of Negotiators:

What sort of a negotiator can he make who is too late at a minister's dinner?

Rhodes offered his own services as negotiator, and they were accepted.

Tergiversations were discovered on the part of the British negotiator.

He had long been preeminently distinguished as a negotiator.

In the talents of a negotiator, on the other hand, he has never been surpassed.

Castricius seems to have been a negotiator or banker in Asia.

You need a negotiator who has a wide conscience and an eloquent tongue!

The populace of London rushed to the house of the French negotiator.

The negotiator was then the great instrument of public action.

Lyttelton indeed was not destined ever to earn fame as a negotiator.