Nemeses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nemeses:

He had not been made soft by the nemesis that laid him by the heels.

Yet she did not flinch in her certainty that nemesis must be obeyed and even aided.

There was the nemesis who didn't like youth to make such a fool of itself.

But Nemesis, swift and sudden, awaits the faithless Euphues.

Once arouse him, as he must now be aroused, and he will follow like a Nemesis on your trail.

There is little doubt that death is the nemesis of their reproduction.

By joining the Nemesis, it appeared that they were getting something for nothing.

Well, we'll get you and your crew to Marduk in the Nemesis, then.

There was considerable bad language in the command room of the Nemesis.

The Enterprise was the Nemesis' twin; her command room was identical with his own.