Nerveless [adjective]

Definition of Nerveless:

calm, cool

Synonyms of Nerveless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nerveless:

Sentence/Example of Nerveless:

To all outward seeming, nerveless, emotionless, an abject creature.

His nerveless cowardice had all at once become unbelievable to himself.

Pachmann, white with pain, was nursing a numbed and nerveless hand.

He took the ticket and the clipping from Pinny's nerveless fingers and compared them.

The newspaper lay on the floor, where it had fallen from her white, nerveless fingers.

The reaction from his long-sustained rage had left him dazed and nerveless.

He dropped the nozzle from his nerveless hands—and such hands, too!

If we are idle and shiftless by choice, we shall be nerveless and powerless by necessity.

The second glume is membranous, 1- to 5-nerved or nerveless.

The third glume is hyaline, empty, nerveless and without a palea.