Ness [noun]

Definition of Ness:

promontory into water

Synonyms of Ness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ness:


Sentence/Example of Ness:

But on a calm spring day, the fjord just steals in smooth and shining by ness and bay.

There on the ness Raven and his fellows, five together, took their stand.

Spring slipped by, until it was time for the meeting at Thor's-ness.

The Ness was a mile off, but in the excitement of their pleasure they were oblivious of time.

Yes, Tom,” said Aleck, laughing; “and what do you think Ness says?

“You seem to know all about it, Ness,” said Aleck, suspiciously.

Thank you for the information, Ness, but they say none are so deaf as those who will not hear.

The summer afterwards Mr. Corbet came again to read with Mr. Ness.

Mr. Ness had undertaken to discuss her future plans with her, and he was obliged to go on.

Mr. Ness, you must never allow Mr. Dunster to be blamed for this!