Nestle [verb]

Definition of Nestle:

curl up

Synonyms of Nestle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nestle:

Sentence/Example of Nestle:

Nestle here with us, and see wonderful things come to pass.'

And welcomes the visions that day after day With baby's sweet presence will nestle and stay.

I longed to take her and nestle her comfortably; but, of course, took no notice of her.

As well expect a breadth of starched brown holland to nestle.

The world will nestle in regaling plenty and great assurance.

Not tall, slight enough to nestle, but strong and self-reliant.

I don't bother to hold the girls now-a-days, I just let 'em nestle.

They nestle in trees, themselves excavating the nest cavity.

Does not the sparrow follow me about and nestle on my shoulder, dear little thing?

It drew the beasts to his side and the birds to nestle in his bosom.