Nestled [verb]

Definition of Nestled:

curl up

Synonyms of Nestled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nestled:

Sentence/Example of Nestled:

The Major looked blank at sight of the child, who nestled in my aunt's arms.

I nestled as close to him as I could go, and wept for blessedness.

She turned her face from him and nestled down among her cushions.

Violante bounded forward, and nestled to the good man's heart.

He nestled against the soft down of her cloak and moaned as if in pain.

Instead, he nestled among the cushions of the window-seat and laughed on softly.

Suddenly the Captain felt the head which nestled against his shoulder stir.

He drew her to him again, and she nestled close in his arms.

That night they nestled down together, and slept in a big pine-tree.

I turned my shoulder towards him, and nestled down into my place.