Nether [noun]

Definition of Nether:


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Sentence/Example of Nether:

Now, attention, friend, and let your ears work as well as your nether jaw.

Robin Hood looked up and he looked down, biting his nether lip.

There are in all ten princes of the nether world, of whom the fifth is the highest and most feared.

First he went to the Nether World, where the shades of the departed dwell.

In heaven, on earth and in the Nether World only the gospel of Buddha has no limits.

All this time, too, I was between the nether and the upper mill-stone.

We got wet, scratched, and plastered with mire all over our nether garments.

Lady Sarah told her that her heart in that matter was as hard as a nether millstone.

No generous St. George of faith can reach the nether den where it lurks.

She bit her nether lip in annoyance at a courtier so ill-prepared for their adventure.