Netherworld [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Netherworld:

And there are others who find their joy in this netherworld!

But out of the purlieus of this netherworld strange beings issue when the shades of evening fall.

And if a word of mine can reach the toiling sisters in the netherworld, I would say to them: Be hopeful!

Both belong to the Upperworld of this Fableland; hence they stand in contrast with the Netherworld, which is now to follow.

The experience with the Italian, however, threatened to bring the netherworld up again.

She wrestled with him where the darknesses roll their snake-eyed torrents over between jagged horns of the netherworld.

Osiris was the serpent-soul in the water, and the serpent (leviathan) of the ocean which 'encircled the netherworld'.

It is the repose of utter silence and quietude, a netherworld only half lighted by the worn-out moon.

At length Ea hearkens and intercedes with Nergal, god of the Netherworld, who consents to release the spirit for a little while.