Netted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Netted:

They had netted some white-fish over night, so their larder was freshly supplied.

In twenty minutes he netted three more, two of which got away.

The last row is netted plain, with the same mesh as the preceding one.

Well, if you 'd have withdrawn him for the Bexley, you'd have netted fifty thousand.

How I should like to have drawn a cordon of policemen round the party and netted the whole.

I am told that the pair have netted over a hundred and sixty thousand francs.'

Netted purses and work-bags also were made similar to the knitted ones.

Castracane is tied like a netted calf—his hands behind him, and them to his neck.

I gave a heave, and landed him on the steps as neatly as a fisherman ever netted a trout.

Three tries by the Maroon netted but six and again Williams went back.