Nettle [verb]

Definition of Nettle:

provoke, upset

Synonyms of Nettle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nettle:

Sentence/Example of Nettle:

Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo.

He had his cattle and his wild pot-herbs, such as the mugwort and the nettle.

She drew a long breath of desperation and grasped the nettle firmly.

Then she bruised every nettle with her bare feet and plaited the green flax.

Mullein and nettle, henbane and wormwood, all are English emigrants.

"Not a word," said Neeld, grasping the nettle firmly this time.

Or the stings, and minute, colourless blossoming of the nettle?

And this other, either a nettle or not a nettle; but not nettlaceous.

But the sting certainly does not exhaust the whole philosophy of the nettle.

In the nettle it takes the form of a tiny, seed-like, flattened nut.