Nettled [verb]

Definition of Nettled:

provoke, upset

Synonyms of Nettled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nettled:

Sentence/Example of Nettled:

"That mare'll beat him," retorted Porter, curtly, nettled by the other's cocksureness.

No doubt from his point of view this notion was natural, but it nettled me.

But it nettled her that everybody should be so congratulatory, and nobody surprised.

A question so unexpected, nettled Solomon Daisy not a little.

"I did not do it," said Paul, nettled at the charge, and growing red in the face.

He was nettled and put out, for he was somewhat thin-skinned.

It nettled a woman's soft ambition; which is, to be as well loved as ever woman was.

It nettled Dean—frank, outspoken, straightforward as he had always been.

This nettled Jim, who did not sympathize with his friend's extravagance at times.

First, he was nettled by his friend's use of the words "poor little thing."