Networks [noun]

Definition of Networks:

system of connections

Synonyms of Networks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Networks:

Sentence/Example of Networks:

Both of the plates, or networks of wire, have to be carried on the airship or aeroplane.

Then a whirr as the Flying-Machine was shot forward into the networks.

The Internet is simply the latest in a series of networks, which revolutionized our lives.

This is a juicy contract and two other chains would like to get it on their networks.

As he bent the hoops for the frames and crossed them with networks of leather strings.

Alan called out the names of the networks that they passed as they passed them, watching the flags pop up on the map of Toronto.

Finally, the computer, associated or not with networks, makes this limit to our ability to grasp complexities even more pressing.

The world of avatars, dynamic graphic representations of a person in the virtual universe of networks, is one of concreteness.

Networks of reciprocal support, as nuclei of self-organization, emerge independent of any form of social intervention.

Our civilization of illiterate nourishment is based on networks and distributed assignments.