Neurasthenic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Neurasthenic:

One of the great troubles with neurasthenic women is that they do not laugh enough.

This view of her condition by her family or her physician is the tragedy of the neurasthenic.

She finally becomes anemic and neurasthenic and a misanthrope.

She was of neurasthenic inheritance, and was put in unfavourable conditions.

A neurasthenic, however, is not to be mistaken for an imbecile.

Be careful in the selection of a confessor for a neurasthenic child.

The father is neurasthenic, and the grandfather has trigeminal neuralgia.

He must not jump all the time; that is how you are neurasthenic in America.

He is off his balance, weak, neurasthenic, and devoid of the sense of proportion.

Nor are they quite so common in the housewife as the neurasthenic, de├źnergized state.