Neuroses [noun]

Definition of Neuroses:

mental disturbance, disorder

Opposite/Antonyms of Neuroses:

Sentence/Example of Neuroses:

The amount is not influenced by neuroses or circulatory disturbances.

Neuroses and psychoses are peculiarly frequent in childhood and youth.

Our insight into the causation of the neuroses has therefore been amplified.

But that is due to the relation which the phenomena of the dream have to those of the neuroses.

I have already shown it to you in the two cases of neuroses.

That will not do for us, since we have taken the dream as preparation for the study of the neuroses.

So much I wanted to tell you about symptom development in the neuroses.

The psychotherapy of the neuroses is based on this difference.

As I have often repeated, the theory of the anxiety belongs to the psychology of the neuroses.

No neuroses, properly so-called, in any of her relatives during all this time.