Neuter [verb]

Definition of Neuter:

remove sex organs

Synonyms of Neuter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neuter:

Sentence/Example of Neuter:

It is not sexless, but bi-sexual; not neuter but masculine-feminine.

Here do refers to the state, and is essentially passive or neuter.

The neuter verbs to taste and to smell are often followed by of.

For in this case it is lawfull for no man to be a / neuter / as they call it.

At this point they cease altogether, and the central point is neuter.

These forms are in the neuter gender and are not followed by nouns.

The word ridden does not agree with horse, since it is of the neuter gender.

The editor rose in her mind from the state of neuter to something of a man.

This is expressed, after St. John's fashion, by the neuter, .

The neuter possessive pronoun, for example, has been put in.