Neutral [adjective]

Definition of Neutral:

impartial, noncommittal

Opposite/Antonyms of Neutral:

Sentence/Example of Neutral:

A neutral was this good woman, and a well-wisher to each faction.

When I came to I put all the controls in neutral and came looking for you.

Labordette had arranged this interview with him on neutral ground.

And there is a neutral state which is neither pleasure nor pain?

But he guessed that the neutral wouldn't even have to lie very much.

What one really wants is a nameless texture and a neutral tint.

Shall I try to mediate—as a neutral, as a benevolent neutral?

We met in the library of Moyne House, which was neutral ground.

Ehrlich has used a double stain with neutral red and methylene blue.

Strictly speaking Black and White are known as "neutral" colors.