Newcomers [noun]

Definition of Newcomers:

person who has just arrived in area

Synonyms of Newcomers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Newcomers:

Sentence/Example of Newcomers:

The newcomer went quickly, with catlike tread, toward the girl.

The bartender winked at Yates as he shoved the decanter over to the newcomer.

The clerk was a newcomer from another State, and was not liked by the mill-workers.

The newcomer had been out into the world, and was dressed accordingly.

And the look in his eyes augured ill for the welcome of the newcomer.

If this is true of the newcomer, it is equally true of the rest of us, for we are all emigrants.

It is simply the case of the old resident versus the newcomer.

The newcomer leaned back in his chair with a disconcerted look.

Goujet, who had noticed Gervaise's emotion, gave the newcomer a sour look.

She paid no attention to them but swept the crowd looking for the newcomer.