Newel [noun]

Definition of Newel:

upright support

Synonyms of Newel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Newel:

Sentence/Example of Newel:

With a lowering face he watched her descend and, his hand on the newel, confronted her.

And they climbed the newel staircase that was carried in the north-east pier.

The hand rail is supported at either end by a post (Newel Post).

The grip of the shadowy presence was fastened on Newel, and he knew it.

Also that the union of Newel and Lydia would be pleasing in His sight.

Full of joy Newel sought Lydia and communicated the word he had received.

Newel set to work to try and assist the homeless ones and feed the poor.

Newel, here in an Indian country alone, with seven little children.

Newel, go and ask the Prophet to send me a handkerchief with his blessing.

Then, with an odd lack of assurance, he said: About that newel post now, Rowland.