Newer [adjective]

Definition of Newer:

recent, fresh

Opposite/Antonyms of Newer:

Sentence/Example of Newer:

The room was a reproduction of her own bedroom at home, only newer and more luxurious.

The place was far up in the newer part of the American quarter.

The second cube came back unchanged, except that it was newer, shinier.

The time had been when grandmother, newer to life, would have asked, "Why?"

As for the newer worlds of Australia and America, they did not possess for me much charm.

The desire to try his fortunes in a newer country had taken possession of him.

She opened the door proudly—his words had taught her a newer dignity.

The burned stables had been rebuilt upon a newer and better plan.

It matches the other, newer buildings only because they were built to suit its style.

The newer American emigrant came for land and secured it outside.