Newscaster [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Newscaster:

Inside the room, we made connection with a newscaster's blaring voice.

However, he caught a brief glimpse of the newscaster's face.

The newscaster's voice changed its tone of pounding urgency.

Instead he crossed to the newscaster in its compact, metal case.

The newscaster in the Schwartzmann cabin brought the information.

When he was in casual conversation, he talked “normal”—like a Yankee newscaster.

The Swifts and Bud froze, openmouthed, at the newscaster's words.

The voice of a 3V newscaster rolled up from the Square, reechoing against the tower walls.

That was one way of putting it, but both Joe and the newscaster who had covered the debacle knew the reality of the situation.

The newscaster wore a look of excitement as he spoke without pausing for the usual commercial.