Newsletters [noun]

Definition of Newsletters:

special interest publication

Synonyms of Newsletters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Newsletters:


Sentence/Example of Newsletters:

The newsletters, of course, might be under the censorship of Rome and Naples.

They discussed public affairs and read the newsletters in the coffee-houses.

The newsletters naturally sent him to Poland, so did Jacobite myth.

He was able, therefore, to continue his newsletters, and did so with great success.

This gave him an advantage over other journalists, and his newsletters and newsbooks became extremely popular.

Newsletters conveyed to every part of the kingdom fabulous accounts of the size and strength of the invaders.

You will be kept informed through our Newsletters (you are on the mailing list), addenda and revisions to the Manual.

Newsletters describing his person and his demeanour were sent to every corner of the kingdom.

All the newsletters, all the coffeehouse orators, complained that the blood of the poor was shed with impunity by the great.

No part of the load which the old mails carried out was more important than the newsletters.