Newspaperman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Newspaperman:

It was apparent to Trent that he was debating continuing the subject with a newspaperman.

The newspaperman, gazing with awe upon it, felt that terrific force was there.

From the point of view of the newspaperman the Frenchman is the ideal soldier of the world.

No one ever made a newspaperman do what he really didn't want to do.

The newspaperman lay across the table, his head asleep on his arm.

And of course that newspaperman said, "My God, I thought he was going to shoot us."

Even if I knew Pat could be the greatest singer in the world I'd rather have him a newspaperman.

They sat drinking, the newspaperman lost in a mysterious excitement that gathered in his voice.

The widow of a wealthy Pittsburgh newspaperman, she was now active in Pennsylvania suffrage organizations.

Fisher was formerly a newspaperman and has had considerable experience along that line.