Newspapers [noun]

Definition of Newspapers:

regular, continuous publication containing information

Synonyms of Newspapers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Newspapers:


Sentence/Example of Newspapers:

He addressed also a letter to Dubosq through the newspapers.

If it ever got into the newspapers, my family would die of shame!

Of course the newspapers soon learned that Strathay had left town.

The newspapers informed the world in May that Handel was going to spend the summer in Germany.

"But there came an end of ftes" said the scholar, who read in books and newspapers.

Even the newspapers of the day could speak only in general panegyric.

He says, in his newspapers, they ought to be elevated by education.

Have you got reporters anything like our reporters on Indian newspapers?

My father began to open his morning's packet of letters and newspapers.

In the morning, as soon as it was seven o'clock, Pierre had to go for the newspapers.