Newsstand [noun]

Definition of Newsstand:


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Sentence/Example of Newsstand:

We can get them from the newsstand but I would like to subscribe for them.

Janith knew to within a few dollars what his newsstand on the 10th Level should make.

Saw your new magazine at the newsstand and bought it at once.

I tried to use it at a newsstand first, and the man wouldn't touch it.

I found your magazine on the newsstand while looking for another kind.

He had ten minutes to wait, and he wandered to the newsstand.

I walked back to the corner of Hallbedroom street, and stood vacillating at the newsstand, pretending to glance over the papers.

My tobacco pouch had run empty, and I hopped out to buy some Murray's at the newsstand.

He bought some cigarettes at the newsstand and sat down to wait for the first train to turn up, westward bound.

She had almost reached the newsstand when, to Betty's surprise, she turned sharply about and walked the other way.