Nexuses [noun]

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The transaction, as to his part of it, is incomplete, and he is still considered to be nexus.

The nexus between them and events was not cause and effect, but magic.

Except in the idea of God there is no nexus between the two.

"No nexus exists but the economic one between the two groups," she wrote.

The only nexus there could be between the executive and the mass of voters was personal.

The future is not except by relation; the past is not at all, and the present but a sign of a nexus between the two.

What connection might there be between these statements, which seemed to weave a nexus of hate between the son and the dead lover?

Ideas are thus the nexus of relation between God and the visible universe, and between the human and the Divine reason.

Correlation is a bond, nexus, or connection subsisting between different growths.

It is more difficult to establish satisfactorily a nexus between Rousseau's and Franklin's minds.