Nibbles [noun]

Definition of Nibbles:

morsel, bite

Synonyms of Nibbles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nibbles:



Sentence/Example of Nibbles:

Oh, Dad just nibbles when he has his tizwin spells, and Mena ate hers mid-morning.

The line was continually bobbing and the nibbles were distinct and gratifying.

I had no enthusiasm for nibbles, and there were too many of these in proportion to the bites.

But the first few "nibbles" proved to be merely "hook-cleaners."

William Shakespeare does have such a fondness for poetry and nibbles of grass and apples and sugar-lumps.

It visits the fields at night, clambers up the maize stalks, nibbles a few seeds out of a cob, and then runs to another plant.

Even the slate-colored snowbird, a seed-eater, comes and nibbles it occasionally.

There he sat for several tedious hours, but had secured only two nibbles at his line, neither of which proved to be anything more.

Perhaps a clause in the treaty upon the general subject of nibbles might be of service.

No sugar is put in the tea, but a small lump is given to each person, and he nibbles it as he sips his tea.