Niblick [noun]

Definition of Niblick:

golfing tool

Synonyms of Niblick:

Opposite/Antonyms of Niblick:


Sentence/Example of Niblick:

You will hardly get it away with a brassy; if I were you I should play my niblick.

Of the niblick it need only be said that it must be strong, heavy, and well lofted.

And he went to the Barren Lands, armed only with his niblick and a camera.

He's the fellow that went to the Barren Lands with a niblick.

Arriving at the bunker Henry armed himself with his niblick.

That was where Windy dropped the niblick and jumped at him, and Cupid was correct about the coyote.

Of iron clubs there were the cleek, the iron and the niblick.

Then with a resolute quiet action, he broke his niblick across his knee.

His head was broken, and near him was his niblick, red with blood.

The niblick, from long practice in the bunkers, is 'is club.