Nicely [adverb]

Definition of Nicely:

in a welcome manner

Synonyms of Nicely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nicely:

Sentence/Example of Nicely:

Verloc, whose affair the police has managed to smother so nicely, was mediocre.

Wash it well in warm water, and trim it nicely, taking off all the fat.

Pick them nicely, and wipe them clean, but do not wash them.

Nicely, 'Of course for this once—but in a general way I wouldn't do that.

She's such a good girl, she was learning so nicely at the Communal School!

Very well, if you do this for me nicely you will not be a financial sufferer.

And when I kicked—and told you about Enid—did you ever come afterward and talk to me nicely about her?

For the time being, as Virginie behaved so nicely, she would be nice also.

When the midwife had sipped hers up, she went off; everything was going on nicely, she was not required.

He had become accustomed to this little paradise where he was nicely treated by everybody.