Niceties [noun]

Definition of Niceties:

fine point

Synonyms of Niceties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Niceties:

Sentence/Example of Niceties:

Burke, however, as usual, paid no heed to the niceties of sentiment.

The niceties of life are always matters of small care but great moment.

But Delancy had no time to fritter away on niceties of etiquette.

However acute these niceties sometimes were, they were often ridiculous.

But Dr. Wigan does not go into these niceties of this subject, and I failed.

Cut and top and all these other niceties will not work on a dull one.

It seemed there were niceties of cruelty in this wretched game.

For him there were no niceties of effort and of counter-effort.

It is far from the intention of the writer of this work to enter into the niceties of controversy.

In order to get around this rule some niceties in reconstruction have been known.