Nicety [noun]

Definition of Nicety:

fine point

Synonyms of Nicety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nicety:

Sentence/Example of Nicety:

For to exaggerate with judgment one must begin by measuring with nicety.

Calculating the instant to a nicety, he paid off the sheet and pulled up the tiller.

To the college student life is not classified and systematized to a nicety.

It was to accomplish this nicety that the principle of the club was found to be so well adapted.

He had gauged the character of his most uncompromising and powerful enemy to a nicety.

Mr. Caske,” responded the minister, “you have interpreted my words to a nicety.

Save at the base he matched his leaf surroundings to a nicety.

It's the lack of certain things that go with nicety of living that grinds me most.

The latter had a special arrangement by which they could be levelled to a nicety.

Ellis was with me, and declares that Hayden has touched me off to a nicety.