Nickels [noun]

Definition of Nickels:

smaller currency in exchange for larger

Synonyms of Nickels:

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Sentence/Example of Nickels:

So I bought this nickel one, an' carted t'other off into the attic. '

Five cents, a nickel, a half-a-dime, the twentiethpotofadollah!

"Some greeny that wants a nickel's worth of beans, I suppose," said one.

The driver meanwhile searched his pockets in vain for a nickel.

When he came back she slipped a nickel upon the arm of his chair.

Much iron, steel, copper, brass and nickel are used in our homes.

At that time, the presence of nickel was the "positive" test of meteoritic matter.

For these reasons, nickel or gold plating is much to be preferred.

"Here is your money," answered Dick, and passed the nickel over.

So I bought this nickel one, an' carted t' other off into the attic. '