Nicker [noun]

Definition of Nicker:

calling out; yelling

Synonyms of Nicker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nicker:

Sentence/Example of Nicker:

If one of the seven animals we had should nicker, we were lost.

Some knew it as the nicker tree, but the reason for the name is not known.

The Neck, or Nicker, has become quite a stranger in England.

For months he had not heard the sound of a human voice, nor the nicker of any horse other than his own.

He called softly, but there came no nicker of response from the pony.

Then he wanted to nicker in protest, but he found that he could not.

Suddenly he heard a nicker at his elbow almost, and looked around.

Rambler's nicker of welcome stopped him half-way and held him there, hot with guilt.

For the second time Shawnee cried, but this time it was no warrior's protest against death; it was the nicker of a question.

As he approached she looked at him over the glowing cigarette; and her eyes seemed to nicker with a strange restlessness.