Nightcap [noun]

Definition of Nightcap:

farewell drink

Synonyms of Nightcap:

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Sentence/Example of Nightcap:

I suppose after what you've said it's no use asking you to have a nightcap, Vane?

A mug of mulled claret for a nightcap, and a good sleep, will set you all right.

Do you remember the story of the 'Doctor' in the first Nightcap book?

This is the night-shirt, and formerly a "nightcap" was used by some.

The word 'nightcap' is spelled with and without a hyphen in the text.

We know that in his case Love's clairvoyant instinct had got its nightcap on.

When he at last sought his couch, he used from habit to keep his nightcap on.

Then he took off his nightcap, combed his hair over his temples, and donned his cap.

And so the nightcap is put on, and the bolt is drawn for poor T.

When at length he retired to rest, it was his custom to keep on his nightcap.