Nightclothes [noun]

Definition of Nightclothes:

women's undergarments

Synonyms of Nightclothes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightclothes:


Sentence/Example of Nightclothes:

His wife, who was very ill, was dragged through the water in her nightclothes.

Osman, still in his nightclothes, toddled about, nibbling a sweet-cake.

My father was not in bed; he had risen in his nightclothes and was preparing a noose in a strong cord.

At three her Big Brother, yawning sleepily back in his nightclothes, picked her up bodily and dumped her into her bed.

Get your nightclothes, and whatever you want, and reverse the accustomed walk.

The Colonel read the dispatch of Captain Duffield, sitting on his bed in his nightclothes.

He was taken up to the quarter deck in his nightclothes, and made to stand against the mizzen mast with four men to guard him.

So at last the many children took off their nightclothes and put on their new dresses.

The many children who had gone to bed before the fire began had nothing to wear except their nightclothes.

She was sitting up and she looked ever so little in her nightclothes and ever so plain with her tightly braided red hair.