Nightfall [noun]

Definition of Nightfall:

beginning of darkness

Synonyms of Nightfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightfall:

Sentence/Example of Nightfall:

Dick could hardly wait for nightfall, for he was eager to get to work.

By nightfall the Germans seemed to have wearied of the attacks.

At nightfall on August 22, 1914, Charleroi burst into flames.

At nightfall Coqueville sighted a ship in distress driven by the wind.

Sunday as it was, Capt'n Davy's cronies came as usual at nightfall.

It was then about the twentieth hour, and I hoped to return by nightfall.

Nightfall found them in their darkened cave, ready for an evening's yarning.

In those days there was merriment after nightfall in Glendora.

He took his boards and the basket of nuts, and went to the church at nightfall and read.

With nightfall their hopes were realized, but only at a terrible cost to the man.