Nightgown [noun]

Definition of Nightgown:

dress in which to sleep

Synonyms of Nightgown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightgown:


Sentence/Example of Nightgown:

Here's a woman who came in in a nightgown and pair of slippers.

She thoughtfully held up and surveyed a tiny infant's nightgown.

"I haven't got any nightgown," called a voice from the other room.

She undressed Glorianna, but she got her nightgown on upside down.

She has on only her nightgown and a wrapper over it; her bare feet are thrust into slippers.

I stayed on in that house from which I nearly ran away in my nightgown.

She slipped out of her day clothes and into her nightgown—and so to bed.

The pad should be sufficiently thick to ensure that the nightgown does not get wet.

Only Nancy in her nightgown still, and playing with poor faded Belinda.

However, she was sitting up in bed with her nightgown on when I found her.