Nightie [noun]

Definition of Nightie:


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Sentence/Example of Nightie:

Never mind, Allyn, sister will come in a few minutes and put your nightie on.

Her nightie was a heap by her bed, the bed crumpled and empty.

"It's my nightie," whispered Lottie, pointing to the bundle.

Every time I finish a nightie, it means another baby can have a bath.

But I wisht sombody'd give the girls a nightie or somethin' to wear.

Just as Flyaway, in her nightie, was having a frolic with Grace, there was a sound of wheels.

I sat for another second in disconcerted silence, my needle, threaded with white silk, poised above the nightie.

A small boy was hurried in his nightie across the street and kept till all danger had passed.

Of course, part of the milk spilled on his nightie but the remainder he drank greedily.

Marianne had sat down at her work basket and Marietje, out of sheer boredom, also took up a "nightie."