Nightmare [noun]

Definition of Nightmare:

bad dream or experience

Synonyms of Nightmare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightmare:

Sentence/Example of Nightmare:

The dread of French domination seems to have haunted him like a nightmare.

The dread of poverty is a nightmare; it wears one's life threadbare.

What was it—madness, a nightmare, or a trap into which he had been decoyed with fiendish artfulness?

For there is nothing so delightful as a nightmare—when you know it is a nightmare.

So a nightmare of thought teemed through his brain as he rode.

Their animation was almost like the animation of a nightmare.

A dream had succeeded the nightmare, a fairy tale of a dream.

The insurgents seemed to have vanished in the darkness like a nightmare.

Was the hateful thing, the dreaded thing, merely a nightmare after all?

She only thought of Laurent when awakened with a start by nightmare.