Nightshirt [noun]

Definition of Nightshirt:

dress in which to sleep

Synonyms of Nightshirt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nightshirt:


Sentence/Example of Nightshirt:

And he started forth up the garden in his nightshirt and Norfolk jacket.

At sight of me in my nightshirt Pugh began to shake his head.

He stood over me, man of all the luxuries that he was, in his nightshirt.

With the left hand he clutched the covers, with the right his nightshirt, just back of the neck.

No doubt this was his nightshirt—a durable garment, but irritating to the skin.

There stood Tod, his nightshirt white as snow in the moonlight.

I sprang from my bed, and ran in my nightshirt to open the window.

Frank laughed, and Willy laughed, "and that fellow in his nightshirt fishing you out!"

Irving's nightshirt interested me (pyjamas had not come in then).

He was across the floor in a moment, had thrown off his nightshirt and was in his bath.